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Events featured: 25m wheelchair, 25m walk, 25m run; 50m wheelchair, 50m walk, 50m run; 100m wheelchair, 100m walk, 100m run; long jump, standing long jump; tennis ball throw, softball throw.


Students can register for two track, and one field event. All times are measured in seconds, and all distances in meters.

Chs-Dor Spring Games Flyer.jpg


  • ​Q: Where does my student/child start their events?

    • A: Middle and high schools start at tracks​ and elementary school classes start on fields, at 10:30

    • At 11:30, the two groups will switch, and the middle and high schools will move to the fields, and elementary to tracks

  • Q: Since there are two tracks, which events are on which track?​

    • A: Shorter distance-races (25m, 50m) will be on the track closest to bleachers​

    • 100m races will be on the other track across the field from the bleachers

  • Q: What does the information on my student/child's nametag mean?

    • A: ​Printed on the students' nametags will be an event name, and a number.

    • The number indicates which heat the student participates in - starting with heat #1. Smaller numbers compete earlier, so please be to events on time

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